Snowflakes of Grace

Slow day, snow day, surprise snowball in my eye day. Play day, reading day, it’s okay to take a break day. Cozy up, lay down, may we remember we are not lost, but found.

Oh, how my heart needed the sweet serenade of these powdery flakes. Dancing lightly, falling softly, draping the lifeless wintry land in a pure white blanket. A gift of grace.

My son licks the snow and loses his glove. My rosy cheeked daughter scoops a giant snowball and wraps me in a powdery hug.

I’ve been afraid of winter for so long, but it is here in winter, where I am embraced by His provision. It is here, cold hands, snowflakes perched atop eyelashes, where I see it—the beauty. This snow brings the dead world to life.

What if there is more to this winter wonderland? As we gaze on this snow, may our eyes rest on Jesus, His unblemished sacrifice, His love for us, and our new life in Him.

2 responses to “Snowflakes of Grace”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful words. What a refreshing way to think about the harshness of winter. It’s good for us to also remember to take time to observe the beauty of the freshly fallen snow.

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    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend! 💜


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