Kristen Rupp

Hi, friend! Thank you for meeting me in this space. You are welcome here. My name is Kristen. I am a follower of Jesus, wife, and stay-at-home mom who stumbles through anxiety and depression. I hope you will join me as I share my journey, trying my best to keep my eyes on God, my rock of refuge, breathing in His sunset of grace.

Dear friend, it is so good to have you here! Thank you for joining me in this space as I put words to my journey through anxiety and depression. I have been in the pit, surrounded by darkness, believing the lies that feel like they may implode on me-burying me alive. The air of this cavernous pit hangs with hopelessness and doubt. I am slowly beginning to climb out; as I ascend, I seek to know God more in this space of darkness and as I adjust to the light that is trickling in from the top of the hole.

I have always enjoyed writing, but I never considered myself a writer. However, on the ascent out of this pit, writing gives a voice to my fragmented soul; each word creates a rung of the ladder that, with Jesus’ help, I will cling to as I climb toward the gleaming light. As I write words to heal my soul, I pray that these words will encourage your soul as well. Thank you for being here.

My world in words

These are my people. I am married to Neil; He reminds me daily that I am not alone in the plunging hole. He holds me while my body heaves in sobs and he encourages me to keep writing words to bring me closer to Jesus and to breathe existence into my story of depression and anxiety. We have two children, Reese and Simeon. They are joy-sparkers and anxiety-inducers all in one scoop as I surround them both with a bear hug. I am blessed to glean wisdom from friends and family who I love dearly and who are truly the hands and feet of Jesus as we walk this road. To all of these people, thank you for inspiring me to create with words and encouraging me to share my story.

The Dawn of Spring: the Shepherd’s hope in our weariness

My gray and green shoes pound the sidewalk pavement, while my hand loosely holds the ridged black leash. Following this long leash to its end, you will find my white faced, golden haired miniature golden doodle. Anxiety is all-consuming today– pulsing between my shoulder and scapula, palpitating tension throughout my body. I cannot seem to…

Off the Bench: come to Jesus and find rest

My heart pounds in my chest like a pep band bass drum, setting a tempo too rapid for this occasion—sharing dinner with family and friends. In this moment, my body occupies a seat on the bench. The bench is a challenging place. I watch the game blur in front of me, wanting to join in,…

Hagar’s Story is Ours: Sought and Seen

The anxiety twinges, slowly, spreading painful heat and prickling across my shoulder. Our room is dark; my husband soundly sleeping next to me. It seems that the enemy knows in this moment I am all alone, and the sadness, shame, and unworthiness begin to creep up from my insides. This life is so hard. Fighting…