I see love: remembering my aunt

Written on Wednesday, January 4 💜

Stepping off the plane tomorrow, I will expect to see you, just as I have every time I’ve visited over the last 32 years of our intertwined lives. Tomorrow, I will not see you; however throughout this weekend I know what I will see—love. I will see love in the eyes and hearts of the many people you touched because your life radiated love. Your love was intentional, warm, encouraging, gentle, guiding, and joy-filled. You listened, encouraged, inspired, read, held, hugged, believed, nodded, cultivated dreams, reminded me to take care of myself, and always always always let me know that I was doing valuable work—first as a teacher and now as a mom. You loved.

Thank you for your legacy you shared with us.

And as we go forward, may living in love be the heartbeat of our souls.

May her life well-lived love inspire yours. 💜

2 responses to “I see love: remembering my aunt”

  1. So sorry for your loss, my friend.


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