The Renewed Dancer: A Masterpiece

My hands lightly grip a thrilling fiction book. As I look up, I remind myself that I am not really living and breathing in this page-turner. I take a deep breath, lowering my heart rate. I sit poolside, inhaling fresh summer air, my body soaking in the warm sun. This week, we are dog-sitting for a sweet woman from our church who graciously allows us to stay at her home—a soul refreshing retreat only twelve minutes from our own house. It feels like a mini vacation.

My eyes are drawn to the floral pinks, yellows, and periwinkles trickling out of the terra-cotta pot, whisking me into the dance of God‘s creation. The blue sky stretches across the expanse above, a breath-taking backdrop as the whirl of creation spins before me. The whispering wind tickles my ears and swirls through the air, rustling the leaves of the towering trees, a true recital of elegance leaps across my eyes. A mesmerizing dancer with snow-white wings, flits atop the breeze, crowned with a sense of regality.

This egg-white butterfly causes my mind to drift, resting on the sweet Mother’s Day gift my daughter picked out for me—a butterfly lifecycle kit. Over the last several weeks, we watched caterpillars make their grand transition from lowly ground-dwelling brownish gray caterpillars to magnificent hand-brushed by God, painted lady butterflies.

Much like the caterpillars we watched transform, I know this dancer my eyes are transfixed upon, has an enchanting story of transformation. Our caterpillars arrived in a jar. They inched across the bottom of the cup, munching throughout the day. We watched them stretch in length, until they nearly quadrupled in size. We gazed, as each caterpillar crept to the top of the cup, dropping down like an acrobat and forming a “J”. This mundane worm-like caterpillar, began to show a hint of its majesty; it held this pose, preparing for its stunning reveal. We carefully moved the gauze that the chrysalises were sturdily fastened to and pinned it to their new space—a netted home with plenty of space to fly.

A little over one week later, after clearing the dishes from breakfast, I looked through the mesh netting and noticed a newly free butterfly, wings still damp, clinging to the white screen of its new home. “Reese! Simeon! Come, look!” Their feet pattered across the tile and then swished on the carpet as they hurriedly came to see why there was such exclamation in my voice. The sadness they felt from actually missing the butterfly emerge from its chrysalis, was quickly washed away by this astounding butterfly. We took in every inch of this new insect—two thin string-like black antennas, six cream colored spindly legs, and the gentle curvature of its two wings colored ebony black dappled with white and an orange painted space intricately brushed with black. A hand-painted beauty.

My mind drifts back to the present again, still in awe of this elegant butterfly. The transformation from a simple inching caterpillar to a soaring royal butterfly is a breathtaking act of an artistic Creator. Floating before me on the summer breeze is a renewed dancer—a masterpiece. Oh friends, in Ephesians 2:10, Paul writes, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”. Just as this butterfly is a new creation, we are new creations in Christ. Let’s take hold of this new identity and join the dance of good things He has for us. You are his His renewed dancer, His masterpiece.

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  1. Love the sweet photos of Reese and Simeon. They are so precious!

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