You Bear His Image

When sadness careens down your insides and a voice whispers softly at first and then slightly louder, increasing in force, You aren’t enough. You shouldn’t be feeling like this. You are alone.

❤️God created you. You bear His image.

When you look in the mirror and you notice the bags under your eyes, the lump on your ear, and all the ways you will never look like what the world calls “beautiful”,

❤️He made you uniquely. You bear His image.

When your soul feels heavy from a loss that is so great, yet no one can truly see the emptiness and pain that lies within you.

❤️He, who created the stars and moon, has a purpose for you. You bear His image.

When your life doesn’t go as planned and loss feels as familiar as your own heartbeat.

❤️God, whose greatest love story is written on the pages of the Bible, breathes life into you with His very word.

❤️You are valuable, treasured, and cherished—simply because You bear His image.

2 responses to “You Bear His Image”

  1. Beautiful reminder for all of us. ♥️


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